Pure ingredients, with fresh coconut processed into slices, dices and/or rasp. Suitable for spreading, snacking, topping or as enrichment in a mix.

How our slices can contribute to your assortment

The possibilities with coconut are endless. We would like to show you why our soft coconut products can make a good contribution to your assortment;

  • Almost everybody can enjoy it: free from gluten, allergen and preservatives
  • Various health and nutrition claims – 100% plantbased, source of fibers, benificial coconut fat
  • Easy to store and long shelf life – stays fresh all day! Storage at normal indoor temperature is sufficient
  • Creates a whole new consumer experience – Thin soft coconut slices with a unique taste for every occasion
  • Time-saving – Fast and easy to use, ideal for the whole family
  • Proven concept¬† – Sold in almost every Dutch supermarket for many years and a growing number of foreign supermarkets
  • Modern packaging¬† – Can be modified on customer/market requirements

What can we do for you?

With pure and simple ingredients we produce plantbased, delicious, sweet coconut and fruit slices and dices. We use the most modern techniques, but always keep the ingredients and traditions of our craft in mind. From concept to product… From slices to cubes for yoghurt or snacking… From added vegetables to fruit…. From organic to vegan and from private label to premium brands.

As a Dutch company, we combine marketing sense with creativity and inventiveness to create unique and trendy products that add joy and pleasure to the category.

Our brands “Theunisse Kokosbrood” and “CoCo” , have a strong provenance in the Netherlands. In 1954 Theunisse has started with the manufacturing of the well-known coconut based fruit slices. Unique by their soft bite and authentic coconut taste! Also high in fibre, vegan, glutenfree , allergen-friendly and easy to use. The perfect balance between indulgence, mindful eating and new taste experiences! In other words, exquisite products that make people happy. Try it and you know it…

We are there for you