We are Theha! The specialist in producing soft coconut and fruit products. We have a wide range of soft coconut-based concepts in the fields of spreads, snacking, decoration and as an ingredient component.

Together, we taste it and create it…

We understand better than anyone that “taste” is the main driver of consumers. As a Dutch company, we combine marketing sense with creativity and inventiveness to create unique and trendy products that add joy and pleasure to your life. The best toppings for every occasion, specially developed for you.

With Theunisse Kokosbrood, Theha has a strong provenance in the Netherlands. In 1954 Theunisse has started with the manufacturing of the well-known coconut based fruit slices. With our longstanding experience in the field, we are specialist in processing coconut and fruit into slices, dices or rasp. Unique by their soft bite and authentic coconut taste! Also high in fibre, vegan, glutenfree , allergen-friendly and easy to use. The perfect balance between real indulgence, mindful eating ¬†and new taste experiences! In other words, exquisite products that make people happy. Try it and you know it…

Why our coconut products?

The possibilities with coconut are endless. We would like to show you why our soft coconut products can make a good contribution to your assortment.

  • Creates a whole new consumer experience – Thin soft coconut slices such as spreads, filling and decoration in many varieties.
  • Handy and time-saving – Fast and easy to use + resealable packaging, ideal for the whole family.
  • Easy to store – Storage at normal indoor temperature is sufficient.
  • Various health and nutrition claims – Source of fiber, beneficial coconut fat, gluten-free, allergen-free.
  • Valued product – Sold in almost every Dutch supermarket and a growing number of foreign supermarkets, for many years.
  • Modern label design – Can be adjusted to customer requirements (according to certain volumes).

What can we do for you?

Theha is known as a reliable partner. We are pleased to use our many years of experience for you. Whether it is about product innovation or development, the possibilities are endless. From concept to product. From slices for bread to cubes for yogurt. From vegetables to fruit. From organic to vegan and from private label to premium brands.

Quality, creativity and innovation are the core values for the development of our original and unique recipes. With pure and simple ingredients we produce plantbased, delicious, sweet coconut and fruit slices and dices. We use the most modern techniques, but always keep the traditions of our craft in mind. The challenge that keeps us alert is to create, together with our partners, delightful coconut and fruit products, decorations and ingredients. From slices to dices or rasp, whatever you prefer. Our creativity is endless.

We are proud to be a famous partner for coconut and fruit products. At Theha, we serve you with our long experience in working with coconut. Either for product innovation or development.