With years of experience in our profession and excellent product knowledge, we have found the best combination between healthy and tasty sweet products for every moment of the day.

A flying start

65 years ago, in 1954, enthusiasm for coconut and fruit was the reason to start our company. Quality and care for great taste were the fundaments of our company, and still are. Our coconut based fruit slices made our company very successful. Theunisse, the founder of Theha, developed the recipe and decided to sell the fresh coconut based fruit slices ready to use for consumption. A good decision, because afterwards we became the market leader in the Netherlands. The demand for our coconut based fruit slices kept on rising and nowadays we have even developed a bigger product offer, delivering across the globe! We are the only producer in The Netherlands that supplies such a unique product. Together we do our best to make it all happen. From the dough to the packaging and from the logistics to the sales.

Quality products

We love working with natural products. Theha only works with certified suppliers from Southeast-Asia. Raw materials are processed in our own factory. This enables us to guarantee the quality of our products. Read more about our quality standards.


All Theha’s production is organised in one production plant, based in Harderwijk, Holland. With a central position in North-Europe, all regional suppliers are at a minimal distance. Our production plant is best described with professionality. We own the best techniques steer and control our production processes.

Passion for our products

Our employees are the center of our company. In our production plant, employees are working with passion for our products. They are able to make delicious authentic coconut products. Delivering this to thousands of people day-in day-out is what makes us happy.

We embrace the future..

Doing business is seeing your chances and responding to demand. Through the years, our product offer has expanded, meeting the needs of our customers. Theha offers a wide array with different products and endless possibilities.

We keep track of trends and wishes of our consumers. With our data and experience we know what people want and keep on innovating accordingly. That is why we offer different ingredients and allergen options. We keep our offer accessible to everyone!

Reliable partner

Our philosophy is to get the most of our ingredients and our open cooperation, simply processed with care, quality and taste. This philosophy in combination with our longstanding experience, we think, makes us a qualified partner.