About us

Our philosophy is to get the most of our ingredients and our open cooperation, simply processed with care, quality and taste. With this philosophy in combination with our longstanding experience, we help our partners to serve the market in the best possible way.


A flying start

67 years ago, enthusiasm for coconut and fruit was the reason to start our company. Quality and care for great taste were the fundaments of our company, and still are. Our coconut based fruit slices made our company very successful. Theunisse, the founder of Theha, developed the recipe and decided to sell the fresh coconut based fruit slices ready to use for consumption. A good decision, because afterwards we became the market leader in the Netherlands. The demand for our coconut based fruit slices kept on rising and nowadays we have developed an even bigger product offer, delivering across the globe!



All Theha’s production is done in our newly build production plant in 2011, based in Harderwijk, Netherlands. With a central position in North-Europe, all regional suppliers are at a minimal distance. We source our ingredients close to home as much as possible. We are also active outside the Netherlands. Across the EU, the different markets for plantbased produce are in different stages of development. We help our partners there to serve the market in the best possible way.


Delivering added value

We believe in the added value of our products. We are convinced that attractive and tasty food doesn’t require more than good ingredients, good ideas and transparancy. This makes our products accessible for a broad public. We love working with natural products, and connecting the dots between supplier, our modern factory technology and our people.
Raw materials are processed in our own factory. This enables us to flexibility and guarantee the quality of our products.