Coconut Slices

In the Netherlands, kokosbrood already is a household name, since many people daily enjoy these slices as a snack or sandwich topping. These convenient ready-to-eat slices are simply sweet, smooth and delicious! They add fun and variation to the breakfast and snack routine, and with their 100% plant-based and gluten- and preservative-free composition, they accomodate the needs for a more responsible diet and lifestyle as well!







Salted Caramel

Mixed Chocolate

Mixed Raspberry

1. Simply Delicious. Sweet, smooth and soft texture with a bite.

2. Value for Money. High quality for an affordable price.

3. Convenience. No mess, no hassle and ready to use.

4. Clean & Conscious. Vegan, no major allergens and a long shelf-life.

5. Fun! A colourful treat that will bring joy to your day.

Infinite opportunities


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