Theha specializes in product development. We have a rich history in developing and innovating products. For this we use our knowledge and experience. We are happy to share this specialism with you.

Private Label

To be succesfull in the production and development of Private Label recipes, we believe in a open and prachmatic step by step development approach. Knowledge about the market, consumer insights and technology need to be combined inside out. With our products and technology we are throughly unique, but as a manufacturing company we understand, we need strong partners to chanel this message to the consumer in the right way.

We would be delighted to work on your own recipes and are happy to share our experience with you. These make your coconut products even more individual. We are pleased to help you!

The solution for you

Cocoscubes are a success because of their soft but compact structure and their many purposes. For industrial use, our cocoscubes know divergent uses. It can be eaten als single snack or as part of mixed nuts and cereal bars. Within the foodservice it is used as decoration for food dishes.

We produce different ingredients, colours, tastes and in different sizes. The different ingredients options are: basic, organic, vegan and 100% naturel. The following options can be delivered: gluten free, chocolate enrobed, different tastes and natural colours. The standard sizes are 5×5, 7×7 or 10×10. Let us know what you are looking for!


Coconut fruit slices can be eaten at any time during the day and are used as a sandwich filling. Ideally positioned for children and families. It’s the best plant based alternative bread topping. All our brands are constantly evolving. Both brands have a range of different kind of slices including vegan, organic, gluten free and no added sugars. In 2021 we introduced a new product, coconut sprinkles with strawberry or chocolate pieces. Everyone can enjoy our products.

Discover more about our Dutch brand Kokosbrood and International brand Fruitbakery.