Our unique cocoscubes have proven to be successful product that knows many different purposes. A soft structure, together with the refined sweet coconut can be eaten as a single snack, but is often used in granola or as part of mixed nuts and cereal bars.

Product specification

These dices have a soft structure which is combined with a delicate and sweet taste. Overcoming the problem of hard and though cubes, we developed cubes with a soft and unique structure. Where others might only be able to produce hard and though cubes, Theha offers a soft and compact option, without compensating on the sweet taste. Our cubes can be delivered in many different colours and tastes.

The consumer

Cocoscubes are a success because of their soft structure and their many purposes. Consumers are using it as a single snack and as decoration and toppings. Within the foodservice it is used as decoration for food dishes. For industrial use, our cocoscubes know divergent uses. They are used as part of cereal- and nut bars, or are used in mixed nuts and breakfast cereals. Another possible use to enrobe the cocoscubes with a layer of chocolate, a delicious combination.

Consumer needs

The most important part of the cocoscubes are the soft but compact structure. This is what makes our cocoscubes unique. Our different product options are responding to the different needs of our clients. We produce different ingredients, colours, tastes and in different sizes.

Product offer cocoscubes

We keep on innovating our products, listening to our clients and keeping in mind quality and taste. That is why we offer different ingredient options:

  • Basic
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • 100% natural – using coconut blossom sugar.

These options can be delivered:

  • Gluten Free
  • Different tastes – making use of real fruits
  • Natural colours
  • Chocolate enrobed

Our standard sizes are 7x7mm or 10×10 mm. Do you want a different size? No problem, we will handle it.
With over 65 years of experience at Theha, we know the possibilities of our fruit and coconut products. Do you have a specific wish or question? We are here for you.