Corporate Social Responsibility

Our aim is to develop our business. But we are aware that long-term success is only feasible if we act responsibly towards the environment and the communities we are part of, while adding value to our customers and consumers. We ensure that we operate in a sustainable and responsible manner to safeguard and further develop the company's reputation, profitability and growth, while caring for people.

Code of Conduct

Theha is dedicated to operate and develop its business in a sustainable and responsible manner, while at the same time adding value to people’s lives. For this purpose Theha  implemented a Code of Conduct that covers the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact to promote ethical business practices.

Theha expects its suppliers and business partners to acknowledge, accept and adhere this Code of Conduct as well to ensure social compliance in the full supply chain.

Palmoil Free, Organic & Vegan

Our complete product porfolio is palmoil free and free of preservatives. While the vast majority is already 100% plant-based an glutenfree as well. With these claims and propositions, we aim to meet consumer’s needs for specific diets and more responsible and healthier food choices. We also offer a wide range of organic  items.

No monkey harvesting

Theha sources its coconut from carefully selected plantations in Indonesia and Philippines that are reviewed and audited regularly. Growing and harvesting practices are thoroughly assessed in these, to ensure that no animals are used.

In addition, Theha’s main suppliers grow shorter, hybrid trees. These can be harvested by people from the ground meaning no animal labour is necessary. Furthermore, we do not source coconut from Thailand, in part because we cannot be sure that animals are not used in their harvesting.