We Are Theha

Outstanding in processing coconut dough since 1954. Our passionate employees are proud to process unique products with a characteristic smooth and soft texture. Whether it are slices, cubes or bars; opportunities are infinite with the coconut dough that is simply delicious!

Food Makers since 1954

In 1954 Abraham Theunisse founded Theha and developed a recipe for coconut based ready-to-eat fruit slices named kokosbrood. He launched it succesfully at various grocery shops and made the start for today’s success.

As in the Netherlands, nowadays over 40 million coconut slices are consumed per year with distribution coverage at all Retailers. And the coconut cubes have proved to be a very popular snack and food manufacturing item, meanwhile distributed to all corners of Europe.

Our company today

In the meantime, we now nearly have 70 years of food processing experience since the start of the journey. We developed into a professional company that already produces over 1500MT coconut dough per year.

Processed on 4 highly automated manufacturing lines in our allergen-free and IFS certified production premise. And it goes without saying that we are eager and capable to facilitate further growth!

We Keep on Innovating

Innovation is our engine for growth. Our Research & Development team puts all efforts to create new products that make breakfast and snacking more delicious and fun and to support consumers by living a more balanced life.

With the aim to build a bright future with coconut dough for everyone, everywhere on the world!