To turn our precious ingredients into delicious slices and dices, the process requires also a number of carefully managed steps.


Our vision on sustainability is reflected, for instance, in the long term partnerships with our employees, clients and suppliers. Our prime commitment is to conduct business with integrity. We are a bridge between suppliers and customers, we have it within our sphere of influence to provide information and advice our partners about sustainable products. This enables our customers to choose more sustainable alternatives.

In several of our segments we work with certification programs such as Rainforest Alliance and improving livelihoods. We recognize that certification is only a tool and not a goal in itself to improve on working conditions and preventing deforestation. We will continue to look beyond certification to see how to improve on the footprint of our products.


Our coconut suppliers are selected from suppliers in South-East Asia. We select our own certified suppliers from South-East Asia. We have high standards of quality, ethic and sustainability. The only way that we can guarantee the quality of our products.

Quality guarantee

The story starts with the growers and farmers we work with, our ingredient suppliers and factory team. They are the first link in our quality chain: their knowledge and expertise are essential to the quality of our slices. In addition, Theha conducts a certified food safety management system based on internationally recognized GFSI norms and standards. This guarantees food safety and quality at the highest possible level.