Our Products

Theha is outstanding in processing coconut dough since 1954. Our passionate employees are proud to process unique products with a characteristic smooth and soft texture. Whether it are slices, cubes or bars; opportunities are infinite with the coconut dough that is simply delicious!

Coconut Cubes

vegan, no preservatives, source of fibre, gluten-free, no palm oil.

Our dough-based soft coconut cubes offer you the right tools to develop valuable and renewing concepts. These smooth treats are delicious and much appreciated as single-snack, blend ingredient, chocolate interior, food inclusion and topping. 100% vegan a long shelflife and no major allergens make the easy and convenient to apply!


Desiccated Coconut

We source the best quality desiccated coconut from Southeast Asia. A popular bakery and confectionery ingredient and a valuable add-on for dairy, ice cream, savoury snacks and Asian cooking. As it provides taste, texture and fiber enrichment to many products.  We also offer coloured coconut shreds, to make your products even more fun and tempting!

Coconut Slices

vegan, no preservatives, source of fibre, gluten-free, no palm oil

Kokosbrood is already a household name in the Netherlands. Many people daily enjoy these slices as a snack or sandwich topping.  Convenient, ready-to-eat and simply sweet, smooth and delicious! They add fun and variation to the breakfast and snack routine, and with their composition, they accomodate the needs for a more responsible diet and lifestyle as well!

Create your own

Looking for a specific taste or add-on ingredien in our coconut dough or a specific product form for your concepts? Please tell us! Our product development team will be pleased to assess opportunities with you as possiblities are infinite with the coconut dough!