Private Label

Theha b.v. has been offering delicious coconut slices, -cubes and -chunks under their Theunisse brand for nearly 70 years now. Additionally, if you’re looking for a private label for your own coconut slices, -cubes or -chunks to add value to your product range, you’ve come to the right place! With our knowledge and experience, we would be pleased to assess opportunities together and manufacture and supply coconut slices, -cubes or -chunks under your trademark.

Dough Based Coconut Products

Learn more about the benefits, intended use, shelf life and flavour options for retail:

Leaflet Coconut Slices

Leaflet Coconut Cubes & Bites

Leaflet Coconut Chunks

Packaging Options

Cardboard, side opening



Flowpack with lid

1.  Nearly 70 years processing and retail sales experience.

2. Value for Money. High quality for an affordable price.

3. Allergen-free and IFS certified production premise.

4. Clean & Conscious. Vegan, organic options and a long shelf-life.

5. 4 Highly automated manufacturing lines. With many different packaging options.


Theha is specialized in food manufacturing and has a rich history in developing and innovating products. We would like to explore the possibilities with you!