Theha is experienced in supplying Food Retail for many decades. In our GFSI-certified premises, various coconut-based items are processed and packed, both branded and Private Label. With the aim to make breakfast, snacking and baking more delicious and fun and so adding value for both consumer and Retailer.

Private Label

Theha has been offering delicious coconut slices, -cubes and -chunks under their Theunisse brand for nearly 70 years now. Additionally, if you’re looking for a private label for your own coconut slices, -cubes or -chunks to add value to your product range, you’ve come to the right place! With our knowledge and experience, we would be pleased to assess opportunities together and manufacture and supply coconut slices, -cubes or -chunks under your trademark.


Theha has decades of experience in supplying Food Retail. We have successfully developed brands across various segments with the aim of making breakfast, snacking, and baking more delicious and fun, thereby adding value for both consumers and retailers.

Theunisse has been Thehas first and foremost brand and dates back to its launch in 1954. Today, the brand is a household name for coconut-based products in Dutch Retail. From the beginning the brand and products were aimed to make breakfast, snacking and baking more delicious and fun.

CocoBites, Theha’s international brand, offers delicious coconut dough bites, a perfect vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and preservative-free treat for snacking