Cubes, Chunks & Bites

In the fast-paced food industry, it is always a challenge to stay innovative. Our dough-based soft coconut cubes offer you the right tools to develop valuable and renewing concepts. These smooth treats are delicious and much appreciated as single-snack, blend ingredient, chocolate interior, food inclusion and topping. 100% vegan a long shelflife and no major allergens make the easy and convenient to apply!

Chunks: 5x5 mm

Cubes: 10x10 mm

Bites: 15x15 mm




Infinite opportunities

1. Simply Delicious. Sweet, smooth and soft texture with a bite.

2. Value for Money. High quality for an affordable price.

3. Bite Contrast. The smooth texture creates an attractive contrast in bite in every application.

4. Clean & Conscious. Vegan, no major allergens and a long shelf-life.

5. Optical Optimization. An easy way to apply colour variation in any product.

The Chunk Family





Salted Caramel

Milk Chocolate

Extra Coconut

Dark Chocolate


Yogurt Coating


Theha is specialized in food manufacturing and has a rich history in developing and innovating products. We would like to explore the possibilities with you!