Our desiccated coconut is used in many different ways. As ingredient in dishes, but it is also a nice detail in confectionary products, such as in pastry!

Product specification

Desiccated coconut is soft coconut that is shredded to small pieces. This desiccated coconut has a soft and sweet taste with an exotic twist. The difference with other suppliers? Over the years we developed our contacts in South-East Asia and we know where to find our coconuts. That is why we can guarantee the highest quality desiccated coconut.

The consumer

Theha’s has both consumers and food service as customers for its desiccated coconut. The product is mostly used as ingredient in dishes or in pastries. Consumers use it as decoration or as toppings. The difference is our distinctive A-quality coconut.

Understanding needs

Our desiccated coconut has many different purposes. It is used as an extra ingredient in food, in confectionary bakeries, it is used often. Theha is listening to its customers and offers different tastes and different colours of its product.
Product offer desiccated coconut
We can deliver different types of desiccated coconut:

  • Basic
  • Organic
  • Vegan

These types of coconut can be delivered in the following options:

  • Gluten Free
  • Different tastes of real fruit
  • Natural colours

Theha is offering many different product options: we can deliver in small consumer bags, big boxes, but also different flavours and colours. Do you have a question? We are pleased to serve you.